Documenting the experiences
of people living with NCDs

Robert Onyango
Mirriam Wakanyi
Mazeda Begum
Omar Abu-Reesh
Gloria Haro
Edith Mukantwari

Documenting the experiences
of people living with NCDs

Linh Nguyen Ha
Rohan Arora
Amber Huett Garcia
John Gikonyo
Muthoni Mate
Jean Marie Blaise Migabo

About NCD Diaries

The NCD Diaries use rich and immersive multimedia approaches to share lived experiences to drive change, using a public narrative framework.

As part of the Our Views, Our Voices initiative, the NCD Diaries are a participatory, community-based and multimedia storytelling project that illustrates and highlights individual lived experiences and calls for action on NCDs.

NCD Diaries and themes

Each series of NCD Diaries will have a thematic focus, drawing on the key pillars of the global Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs and, potentially, more specific themes, depending on relevant advocacy opportunities.

The current NCD Diaries theme is:

Universal health coverage

Affordability of NCD care and Universal Health Coverage

The second series of the NCD Diaries project is centred on people's experiences with Universal Health Coverage (UHC) across the world.

Through their Diaries, the lived experience advocates highlight what health systems for all means to them based on their own experience of or in caring for someone living with one or multiple NCDs. Given that achievement of UHC varies across countries,  the NCD Diaries reflect on personal experiences regarding affordability of NCD healthcare around the world (both positive aspects as well as challenges) and their hopes for change.

This second NCD Diaries series was produced from August 2021 through Jan 2022.


NCD Diaries are created in three formats:

NCD Diaries visual format

01 Visual 

A visual storytelling format featuring a series of images that represent the real and personal experiences of Diarists and their interaction with the healthcare system, local context and community. Drawing from elements of the PhotoVoice approach, NCDA will support Diarists in capturing images representing their lived experiences and contextualise them within the Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs to present their recommendations and calls to action. The Diary will take the form of a series of up to five photos and accompanying captions.

NCD Diaries visual format

NCD Diaries audio format

02 Audio podcast

A spoken word/podcast format through which Diarists will share their experiences and challenges of living with NCDs, their local context, community interactions and calls to action in a conversational manner, either in first person or in conversations with others, e.g. family, community members, advocates, etc. The Diary will take the form of two to three fifteen-minute recordings.

NCD Diaries written format

03 Written text

A blog/testimonial format through which Diarists will share their lived experiences through storytelling and public narrative, reporting on experiences, challenges of living with NCDs and recommendations for change. The Diary will take the form of up to three written entries of a maximum of 250 words.

NCD Diaries written format

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Visual Diary iconKatherine Berkoh

Katherine Berkoh

Visual Diary iconMirriam Wakanyi

Mirriam Wakanyi

Visual Diary iconAmber Huett-Garcia

Amber Huett-Garcia

Visual Diary iconMazeda Begum

Begum Mazeda

Visual Diary iconLinh Nguyen Ha

Linh Nguyen Ha

Podcast Diary iconOmar Abureesh

Omar Abu Reesh

Podcast Diary iconLiz  Owino

Liz Achieng Owino

Written Diary iconJohn Gikonyo

John Gikonyo

Written Diary iconSamuel Kumwanje

Samuel Kumwanje

Written Diary iconJean Marie Blaise Migabo

Jean Marie Migabo

Written Diary iconEdith Mukantwari

Edith Mukantwari

Written Diary iconAdjo Rose Lankou

Adjo Rose Lankou

Visual Diary iconGloria Haro

Gloria Haro

Visual Diary iconRohan Arora

Rohan Arora

Visual Diary iconRobert Onyango

Robert Onyango

The current theme is

Affordability of Care and Universal Health Care

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The NCD Diaries are possible thanks to NCD Alliance’s partnership with the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust.