My name is Omar Abureesh, Jordanian cancer survivor, doctor and an NCD advocate.

I'm sharing my story because I believe that universal health coverage for NCD patients is a must, and a basic human right.

Podcast Diary

17 September 2021

The kid inside me

I am so honoured and delighted to have the chance to share my story in a platform like the NCD Diaries. In 2014, I was diagnosed with leukemia, the event that started with a random blood test which ended up changing my life forever. I was lucky enough to get my treatment expenses covered, the thing that made me stronger to continue grinding for my dreams. In this podcast, I tell my story as a person, patient, and a medical school student.

Podcast Diary

19 November 2021

Untold Stories

People living with NCDs face huge challenges everyday, some are heard and many are left untold, being diagnosed with cancer changed my life and gave me the privilege of exploring the hidden parts in the stories of people in the NCD community. In this podcast, I share some of these stories and the challenges people living NCDs are facing everyday to afford their treatment.

Podcast Diary

31 January 2022

A call for change

Reflecting on the challenges faced by people living with NCDs in Jordan, in this podcast I share with you my calls to action for decision makers, in order to improve access and affordability of NCD care. As a fundamental human right, people living with NCDs in Jordan deserve universal health coverage, and to live a life that is free from the challenges that come with not being able to afford essential health services.

Podcast transcript

NCD Diaries

As a human with a lived NCD experience, I believe that the most crucial thing to provide for all NCD patients is to get their treatment covered, the thing that will support them with hope and give them the chance to live their childhood dreams. Universal health coverage is a basic mandatory right for all humans.

Omar Abureesh, lived experience of cancer, Jordan


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