About NCD Diaries

The NCD Diaries use rich and immersive multimedia approaches to share lived experiences to drive change, using a public narrative framework.

As part of the Our Views, Our Voices initiative, the NCD Diaries are a participatory, community-based and multimedia storytelling project that illustrates individual lived experiences and highlights their calls for action on NCDs.

NCD Diaries

The NCD Diaries project supports individuals to share their lived experiences of NCDs, drawing on their unique local contexts, challenges faced and their aspirations and recommendations to drive change on NCDs.

NCDA supports individuals in contextualising their lived experiences of NCDs while reflecting on the key pillars of the Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs listed below. Diarists are also be encouraged to crystallise and put forward their calls for action on NCDs through the narrative of their NCD Diaries.


NCD Diaries

The NCD Diaries project has four main objectives:  

  • Amplify the voices and lived experiences of people living with NCDs to build a public narrative that puts people first and builds awareness of challenges experienced by people living with NCDs.
  • Support and inspire people living with NCDs  to share their lived experiences, priorities, and recommendations to raise awareness and advocate for change.
  • Provide a repository of documented lived experience, highlighting the day-to-day challenges and personal realities of people living with NCDs around the world through immersive and interactive media formats and applying the public narrative framework.
  • Contextualise the Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs (and national Advocacy Agendas where available) and humanise advocacy issues through first-hand lived experiences of NCDs and local realities to call for action on NCDs.

NCD Diaries

NCD Diaries can be created in three formats: visual, written and spoken word/podcast.

The visual storytelling format features a series of up to 5 images that represent the real and personal experiences of people living with NCDs and their interaction with the healthcare system, local context and community as well as their vision for change. The written format is a collection of three diary entries exploring their experiences, challenges of living with NCDs and their recommendations for change. The podcast format is a series of three episodes where diarists share their experiences and challenges of living with NCDs, their local context, community interactions and calls to action in a conversational manner either in first person or in conversation with others.

NCD Diaries and Themes

Each series of NCD Diaries will have a thematic focus, drawing on the key pillars of the global Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs and, potentially, specific themes, depending on relevant global opportunities.

Themes of the Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs are as follows:

Human Rights and Social Justice
Treatment, Care and Support
Meaningful Involvement

As part of the selection process, potential diarists will indicate their preferred Diary formats. For the visual format, the photographic content should be developed in line with this theme. For the audio and text formats, at least one of the three Diary entries should incorporate reflections on the series theme.

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The current theme is

My healthcare provider's impact on my NCD journey

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