Advisory Committee

Our Views, Our Voices is guided by a Global Advisory Committee of recognised advocacy experts with lived experience.


Advisory Committee


The Our Views Our Voices Global Advisory Committee role for the tenure of June 2020 – December 2021 includes the following functions:

  • Strategic guidance: Advising on the initiative’s overall strategy, including incorporating voices of people living with NCDs in the work of the NCD Alliance, and addressing the specific needs and challenges of people living with NCDs during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Advocacy and campaigns: Informing and advising on how to further the Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs in 2020-21 in global, regional and national contexts; advising on consultative efforts and inputting lived experience in advocacy as required; championing meaningful involvement.
  • Capacity development: Advising, informing and inputting on the initiative’s offerings and resources for people living with NCDs at global and national levels, including NCD Diaries, training, and publications.
  • Amplifying and representing the initiative: Promoting advocacy efforts and open opportunities related to the Our Views, Our Voices initiative, representing the Advisory Committee and promoting the Our Views, Our Voices initiative and its objectives in communication.

Past Committee Members

2020-2021 Committee Members

1 year Term

  • Bruno Helman, Brazil
  • Cajsa Lindberg, Sweden
  • Charity Muturi, Kenya
  • Christopher Agbega, Ghana
  • Diana Gittens, Guyana
  • Francis Zaballa, Mexico
  • Lea Kilenga, Kenya
  • Johanna Ralston, United States
  • Jyotsna Govil, India
  • Melissa Lim, Singapore
  • Michael Uchunor, Nigeria
  • Muhammad Musa Shukoor, Afghanistan

2018-2020 Committee Members

2 year Term

  • Bina Berry, India
  • Cajsa Lindberg, Sweden
  • Francis Zaballa, Mexico
  • Kwanele Asante, South Africa
  • Lea Kilenga, Kenya
  • Tara Lisa Persaud, Barbados

2017 Committee Members

1 year Term

  • Abish Romero, Mexico
  • Anne Lise Ryel, Norway
  • Alex Silverstein, United Kingdom
  • Erneste Simpunga, Rwanda
  • Kate Swaffer, Australia
  • Late Rakiya Garba Kilgori, Nigeria
  • MacDonald Oguike, Canada/Nigeria