Stronger Together
Stronger Together Stronger Together

Promoting meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs is at the core of the initiative.

This requires the creation of enabling environments, including dedicated spaces for involvement, as well as fully supporting people living with NCDs to take action.

Meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs in the NCD response, including decision making processes, guarantees outcomes that reflect their needs and views and makes the response stronger.

Stronger Together Stronger Together

Building a public narrative on NCDs

The Our Views, Our Voices training strategy, co-produced with the initiative’s Global Advisory Committee, seeks to build knowledge and confidence of people living with NCDs to not only share their lived experiences but also to transfer knowledge and skills to their peers in order to build a public narrative on NCDs. It also aims to establish a network of confident spokespersons and advocates who can call for action on strategic advocacy priorities, including to improve access and availability of NCD treatment, and care and meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs  in decision-making processes.

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COVID-19 came around and didn't wait for a discussion or resolution before causing damage across the world. We therefore have no time for negotiations but IMMEDIATE ACTIONS. People living with NCDs have all the resources, information and experience you need to take the right step and have the right impact - INCLUDE US.

Lived experience of hereditory motor sensory neuropathy, Ghana