Our Views, Our Voices is an initiative of the NCD Alliance and people living with NCDs, dedicated to promoting the meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs in the NCD response.

The initiative supports and enables people living with NCDs to share their views in order to take action and drive change. It seeks to advance the rights of people living with NCDs and combat stigma and discrimination.

In recognition of the central role of people living with NCDs in the response, the NCD Alliance set out to promote the voice of people living with NCDs in advocacy and organisational development in its 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.  To deliver on its Strategic Plan, the NCD Alliance developed the Our Views, Our Voices initiative, launched in 2017 with the guidance and insights of a Global Advisory Committee comprising people with lived experience of a range of NCD conditions.

People living with NCDs are the ultimate owners of this initiative, they inspire it and they drive it. Based on a people-centred and participatory approach, the views and voices of people living with NCDs take centre stage.


The Our Views, Our Voices initiative seeks to:

  • Promote consultation of people living with NCDs to build a knowledge base of their common challenges, needs and priorities
  • Advocate to put people first in the NCD response at the global, regional and national levels by promoting meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs in decision making and furthering the Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs
  • Equip people living with NCDs with skills, knowledge and confidence to build a public narrative and drive change
  • Promote the views and voices of people living with NCDs and strengthen a public narrative that puts people first, challenges NCD misconceptions, breaks down stigma and discrimination, and calls for systemic change

Why is it taking you so long to act? We've all had enough of late diagnoses that leave patients helpless & hopeless. You absolutely need to make access to NCD healthcare possible & affordable for all.

Lived experience of sickle cell disease, Kenya


Advisory Committee

Melissa Lim

Brain Tumour Society (Singapore) Ltd.


Jyotsna Govil

Healthy India Alliance


Francis Zaballa

Mexico SaludHable


Johanna Ralston

World Obesity Federation

Cancer and autoimmune disorder

United States

Diana Gittens

Healthy Caribbean Coalition


Bruno Helman

Advocacy Consultant, Brazilian Health Ministry, Pan American Health Organization


Christopher Agbega

Ghana NCD Alliance

Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy


Charity Muturi

NCD Alliance of Kenya


Lea Kilenga

NCD Alliance of Kenya


Cajsa Lindberg

Global health consultant