Country trainings

In 2019, NCD Alliance rolled out the Our Views, Our Voices Train the Trainer Programme, with people living with NCDs and eight national and regional NCD alliances, including Kenya, Ghana, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Japan, India, the Carribean and the Eastern Mediterranean Region attending the first Our Views, Our Voices Train-the-Trainer workshop in Geneva.

In the second phase of the programme, these Our Views, Our Voices trainers delivered 18  in-country Our Views, Our Voices trainings, with over 280 people living with NCDs being trained on becoming effective spokespersons and building a public narrative on NCDs. Following the trainings, several trained people living with NCDs were involved in advocacy and speaking opportunities at the national and community levels.

I thought advocacy was complicated and never imagined that I could use my story as a tool for my advocacy. I am now confident that through telling my story I can achieve what change I want to see on NCDs including access to cancer treatment. "

Our Views, Our Voices training participant, Kenya

Through learning the concept of public narrative, I was able to reconsider the importance of extending personal experience to the public. "

Our Views, Our Voices training participant, Japan